www.africaribwdc.org.uk - ACWDC-African Caribbean Women's Dev.Cen.
Working WITH and FOR the community Collaboratively

Welcome to ACWDC ....... 
            working with and for the community

ACWDC is a charitable organisation that has been providing a range of community services and learning opportunities for over 25 years.


The ACWDC responds to community need.

Because the ACWDC Governance structure
at the General Meetings (which are held every 3 months) all members and service users are welcome to
 attend, get information, give feedback, make suggestions about future community activities.

at the Elders Sub-committee elders service users, members get information about relevant issues but also exchange ideas and suggestions for the Young At Heart programme.

at the Youth sub-committee young people have the opportunity discuss issues that are relevant to them and give ideas about possible activities they are keen to try.

And ACWDC monitors what we do by

Keeping information about what has been done.
Collecting feedback from people who take in ACWDC activities.

Then analyse the information. Then, make changes if necessary.

Also to make sure that ACWDC continues to improve and deliver quality services


There is individual membership. Full membership and Associate Membership. (Concessions for elders, unemployed and students)

There is organisation membership.

  • Community Supplementary School Project: FAVOUR in Leyton; HeLP in Walthamstow; WeLL in Walthamstow.  (Tutoring and learning support for children and young people)
  • Run information workshops on different topics
  • Provide an advocacy and support service. as part of Adult Learning and Support
  • A referral service so that you know where to get information.
  • Provide training
  • ACWDC VDPVolunteer Development Programme.
  • Young At Heart Programme (Elders Womens Project ; Elders Mens Project)
  • A range of cultural activities, including day trips, education trips.
  • Community Events information
  • Produce the newsletter LABRISH! Current Volume 5, Issue 1 (May/June 2018) available soon
  • Outreach support and information
  • Seminars
  • Community research, consultations.

* Advocacy and support provided, by appointment.



Mondays          11.30am - 3pm

Tuesdays        1.30pm
- 4.30pm 

Wednesdays    11.00am - 2pm and 3.30pm - 6pm

Fridays             11.00am - 3.30pm

Saturdays        10am - 1.15pm

Meeting Rooms are available for hire - special rates for community groups     and small businesses

Do you have any questions or comment

Call  0208 556 4053 or email acwomen@talktalkbusiness.net

Use the ACWDC Guestbook

PLEASE DONATE  so that ACWDC continues to Work with and for the Community .

ACWDC makes every effort to provide community services
by fundraising, fees and donations.



ACWDC is a registered charity that was set up almost 30 years ago.

ACWDC key objective is to provide education and support, mainly though not exclusively, for African and African-Caribbean women and their families.

ACWDC run a number of community projects,services and a varied activity programme.

ACWDC has limited resources but continues to fundraise so that it can respond the various needs and requests made by the community.

If you wish to make a donation - get in touch for details and get your copy of the ACWDC 'Wish List'.



ACWDC, 603 High Road, Leyton, London E10 6RF

Buses: 69, 97, W16. Also 158, 58 - a 10 minute walk.

Overground: Leyton Midland Station.

*Some services are provided, in partnership with other organisatios and agencies such as the London Borough of Waltham Forest

Call us on 020 8556 4053 or email us on acwomen@talktalkbusiness.net

Registered charity number 1002261. Disabled access. Baby changing facilities